Neil Gaiman Appreciation Blog

This is a blog designed solely to show love to the great author Neil Gaiman. If you like him, folow this. I will try to update this many times daily.
This blog is run by two fans of Gaiman, Dennis and Tanerah.
I do not own any of the images, poems, short stories, or quotes posted here.
All credit goes to their respective owners and Neil Gaiman.

One reason Gaiman is my favorite author is because he’s unpredictable. He is doing an HBO adaptation of American Gods. He said that he didn’t want it to be something people that read the book would be able to completely know the storyline of. It would have been too boring or familiar. Instead he wants to change it a bit and add some components no one has seen from the story to make it something new but still the same familiar story. Pretty briliiant and I can’t wait to see what he’s planning.

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